Monday, 25 April 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

As usual, last week brought our latest drop of Callie's Picks, and it's called 'Sleek Chic', just from the name I'm pleased with this collection! I love the homepage ad, I think Callie looks amazing and really fresh, something I'd love my doll to be^
So two floors filled to the brim with awesome pieces for us to enjoy. There's a lot of white and black and minimal going on, so without even looking closely I know I'll be able to pick up a few pieces for my doll!
Firstly the accessories, and there really are a lot on offer this time around! There are a whole host of bags on each of the floors and they cover a range of styles and designs, so there's great variety - fab! I'm a huge fan of the Stripe Purse, which was originally a Sonia Rykiel piece, and the Classic Miss Sicily which was originally D&G and I styled recently in a challenge post! And for some glamour, there's the sparkly Shiny Bauletto Bag which is a little alike a DKNY one - so quite a few good choices there! The shoes are very much plain and simple with mostly black and white styles and a few bursts of colour (hello Platform Sandals and Midnight Rhinestone Stilettos) and print (Ankle Stripe Heels). We all know I love the classics, so the Black Classic Pumps (originally Chanel, I love my pair so these are great) and the Stiletto Heels are wonderful! I'm very tempted by the White Classic Ankle Boots, I think they really could look great but I don't have any style plans right now - so help me decide on them!?!?
And now the clothing, what excites me most in this release! I'm gonna dive right in with a piece that's been on my wishlist for what feels like years, the Classic White Shirt Dress! I'm ridiculously excited about this one, I'm not going to bore you with my description of why, but it's just a great piece^ I'll stick with the theme of white clothing, the White Tailored Trousers are just kinda fabulous with a great shape and gentle pleats. They look good on their own but also when paired with the White Tailored Overcoat as on the mannequin. This piece is SS, and I'm seriously considering topping up so I can purchase it, because it too is pretty amazing! It's got the stylish shape/design that everyone is wanting, and even better that it's in white! There's also quite a few other pairs of trousers in the store, but I'm particularly attracted to the Red Bell Bottoms (although I'm not sure they're entirely red). But if you're wanting something less wide there's also the Classic Skinny Jeans which are, as in the name, a classic - but it's really all about the wider pieces these days. And I can't forget to mention skirts, namely the Basic Miniskirt which was an Elle piece back in the day and truly regarded as a classic item for your doll to own! And then the smarter items really are focussed in on the blazers and more outerwear styled pieces. Both the Emerson Blazer and Prom Blazer really catch your eye in the store and I think are pretty versatile pieces with their minimal and neutral colour schemes. But the 3 4 Slv Jacket really fits in with them nicely to add a little something extra to sleek outerwear. And for something brighter, there's the Royalty-only Peach Suit Jacket, which I really didn't think worked for me at all, but after a few days of trying it on I might have been mistaken!
Prices for this release go from 6 to 30SD's, but it's really just one or two items that are over the 20SD mark, which doesn't sound all that bad, and there's also some SC items to be had as well. There are 4 pieces this time for SS/Royalty only, I'd have liked to buy one or two, but there's always the Bazaar after they become sellable!
I've just put together 3 looks with some of the pieces I bought for my styled outfits today, and there's a heavy white focus, which was unintentional! Firstly I've styled the White Tailored Trousers in what is my favourite look of this set! I love how they fit on my doll and they look pretty great with this LE tank that I've been trying to get into a look for ages^ Also love that they work with flats. My next look uses the Red Bell Bottoms with the Stiletto Heels, but I definitely umm'd a few times after I'd bought the trousers - they suit white well with this oversized-styled look but I'd love to get a really bright look going with them! Then finally the Classic White Shirt Dress, which I wanted to go for silver with, but it somehow came out gold. It really is quite sheer on the tophalf so I fixed that with a white top, but a fancy patterned bralet or something similar could give an interesting style =)
Lastly one quick feature, Fashion.By styling the Emerson Blazer in a super cool minimal look with splashes of red tones, I really love it, especially with these striped trousers =D

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