Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Feature Set // Styled Outfit

At the end of last week there Stardoll brought us A new Young Hollywood collection based on the red carper stylings from the recent Grammy awards. For me, this collection was nothing too special, I checked it out at the release but found myself only purchasing a pair of shoes. For me the clothes were nothing wonderful I wanted to wear and when I tried on some pieces they didn't fit nicely on my doll at all. So for me it was a little disappointing - nevertheless I wanted to document the release somehow, so a little feature set here with a few Styled Outfits at the end =)
So firstly we have Miver, a little of a unique look for this post in that she's wearing just the Taylor Grammys Top and accessorising with Ariana Grammys Clutch. I think it looks great in this white look and the flash of coral heels is also very nice!
And now several stylings with the Taylor Grammys Skirt, a very popular piece in the collection:
Firstly France25 opting for a darker look with blacks. I'm a huge fan of this jacket, so for me this is a great choice! Also matching lipstick is a wonder, I think it's a fab beauty look =)
Secondly aby400, who has gone for the neutral tones to compliment the bright pink and it works equally as well as the black. Love the matching bright pink shoes too along with choosing a silver necklace to keep the look fresh head to toe^
And lastly millaxx, going with white and choosing a particularly detailed top, giving the look all that it really needs in detailing. The minimal shoes were a good choice, but I do like seeing the toenails painted, I think this works out really well!
And my Styled Outfits - I only bought the Red Carpet Strappy Sandals as they really seem like the most wearable piece of the release to me and hopefully I've succeeded in showing their versatility in my differently styled looks. I'm surprised by how much I like them with jeans, it's something I think I will work with more in the future =) 

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