Saturday, 27 February 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

This past week brought our latest Callie's Picks! The homepage ad is very summery and I love the watermelon-colours of the background, they make it look quite eye-catching and a vibrant background for the models styling the prints - let's get on and take a look!
So we were treated to two floor packed with clothing and accessories with this release - all on the theme of prints! Now these aren't all pieces which I'd consider as fitting into a 'prints' collection, I can think of a lot more items I'd prefer, but nevermind, because there are some great items included.
The accessories didn't really do anything for me. I haven't found myself wanting to buy any of them really. The bags were more impressive than the shoes, and there's Tribute items included like the Peekaboo Monster Tote and the Yellow Print Purse, but nothing else leapt out at me - which is a shame because I think with some searching of the archives, there could be great printed pieces! Lastly, wasn't sure what to regard these as, but accessories will do fine - the Black Leggings (what I would call tights!) are a good solid piece for your wardrobe, so if you don't have any these could be a great pair to make an investment in =)
Now the clothing, which definitely fares much better than the accessories! Firstly there is a male outfit, but I don't think it's anything too stunning for the boys, if I were one I think I'd be a little disappointed because I know there are great prints out there, especially in the trouser-department^ But there's plenty of choice for the girls with a pretty good range of bottoms and tops with some dresses thrown in there too. The first floor of the release didn't leave much to be desired I thought. The Drop Crotch Jeans were the best part but I'm still on the fence about buying them, the big question being 'Will I wear them and get my money's worth?' - so I'd love to see some great looks with them that might convince me. So the second floor held a lot more for me, mainly with a couple of pieces I have been wanting for a while, the Navy Jkt W Straps and the Photo Flower Print Tee! I'm so glad to get these, particularly the jacket^ But there are some other good items on this floor too. For those wanting the bold prints and colours there the Wide Legged Orchid Pants and the Photo Print Frock, and for more muted colours there are the Kitchen Table Tee (but it's more like a dress) and the Garden Print Dress. And if prints aren't for you then there's a whole outfit without any on the clothing, featuring the Dot Print Brassiere Top, the Leather Sleeve Jacket (I used to be a huge fan of this back in the day!) and the High Waisted Trousers, which I'm pretty sure covers the minimal aspect that some people look for^
I always forget to mention hair, but there's a hair included! This is the Bella Hair and it was from Tress Up a while back. I already own this one, but it's one I never wear at all, maybe I should give it a go again =)
Prices for this release range from 4 to 22SD's, with the exception of the Fendi Peekaboo Monster Tote costing 55SD and being Royalty only. There are also a couple of coin items, but I didn't find much to report about with them.
And some Styled Outfits from me now! As soon as I had the Wide Legged Orchid Pants on and started trying things, I realised a whole lot worked with them, so I feel like I could have done 10 looks for these but whittled it down to just 3.
Then I styled 2 looks with the Navy Jkt W Straps which I adore so much - the jacket and the looks! I love it with both of these pairs of trousers and am surprised that it goes pretty well with other navy pieces too. I think I'm going to love having this piece, so there will no doubt be more outfits in the future =)
Lastly two quick feature - I spotted TAYLOR029 styling the Photo Flower Print Tee and I loved the cool and modern combination, especially those boots! Also the pink lip chosen^
Then there's ROYALTI_Anna, also wearing the Photo Flower Print Tee but it's tucked in behind these great trousers and the Hot Buys Vest - another great combination!

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