Monday, 22 February 2016

T H E J E T S E T | Release Review

Last week Stardoll got us all very excited with this release - a brand new floor of The Jet Set, a SS only store. The airport styled advert looks good and the bright golden hues really pull your eye. I'm not sure how much it does for the clothing because I don't think it's sold too well by the models, but I'm sure we all saw the spoilers beforehand and knew what we were getting!
So it's just one floor, but it's pretty packed in there with a range of pieces and bright popping colours pulling your eyes in many different directions. There's mostly items for girls, however there is one look for the guys, which has been the case for the past releases. After seeing the spoilers I was pretty excited for this because overall, I think this is a great release for the store and for Stardoll!
I'll start with the accessories, of which there are quite a few. There are a whopping 6 pairs of shoes to be had, a lot for just one floor. There are basic black pairs (in the Patent Strappy Platforms and Studded Strappy Heels), then more modern colourful choices in the Chunky Three Tone Sandals and the Multicolor Pleather Platforms. I loved this choice and think these were good offers for the release^ As for bags, there is also quite a choice, I haven't purchased any yet, but am quite fond of the Orange Luxe Luggage. There are also other accessory pieces, which I really like, the Oversize Tassel Earrings, Black Crystal Necklace and the Red JetSet Shades. And the second two are in coins, so that's a good deal to be had =)
Now the clothing - and what a lot there is for this one release! The pieces definitely have a summer vibe to them, and also a 'fashion week' feel which is good for the current times when we're being given brand new collections daily along with a lot of street style. There's a selection of dresses, tops and bottoms ton offer all with individual flair and colours. Speaking for myself, I love the separate pieces a lot more than the dresses - the Deep V Black and Red Straps Dresses are definitely unique, but their styles just aren't for me, I'm sure they're perfect for some of you guys though. The JetSet Stripe Skirt stood out to me immediately as something I wanted to buy, I love the colours and texture it has and love the modern feel to clothing that I don't have in any other piece. It has a matching Raincoat which works well with the skirt and on its own. In terms of the bright colourful pieces I also like the Carry On Fur, it's definitely a special piece^ I also very much like the more minimal tops, like the Crisp White Cami and the Perfect Navy LS Top - both basic minimal items that will easily fit into most wardrobes.
Prices for this release range from 8 to 28SD's with just one piece at the top end and also a small handful of coin items. They are all SS pieces, as already said, but I think the prices are pretty decent for a release like this. Although I did end up spending a lot in choosing to purchase quite a few pieces!
So styled outfits now - and firstly looks with the JetSet Stripe Skirt. I enjoyed putting these different looks together and I'm glad to see it looks good in a casual look with trainers too, in fact I think this is my preferred combination for the skirt^
And then my looks with a few other pieces I bought. Firstly the Crisp White Cami alongside the Red JetSet Shades, and I love them both with these printed trousers and fresh white summer look. Then the Perfect Navy LS Top which I've gone for in my regular style, although I love the addition of these kitty cat flats^ And finally the Chunky Three Tone Sandals which I spent a lot of time with and look forward to putting with more items:
And now some features, and there's quite a few! So firstly ThePerpetua styling the Carry On Fur as a dress/over shoulder coat, which totally works for her! Also includes the Striped Acrylic Stilettos. Very much loving the accessories chosen for this look =)
And next sarvat, going all out with the JetSet Stripe Skirt and Raincoat and I think it looks awesome. The whole look has the perfect vibe, from the heels to the makeup choices!
Another look with the JetSet Stripe Skirt, this time from Mia1435 who has also gone for a navy based look but choosing a pop of colour in the clutch and also adding the Striped Acrylic Stilettos - another great look from this stylista!
This may be a simple look with the Perfect Navy LS Top, but I think SarahVIP makes it look great! It suits the white dress well with the minimal selection of accessories. The beauty look also stood out to me, a great combination of eye makeup and a pink lip colour!
And finally MeLolitka, also styling the Carry On Fur but pairing two together to make one huge fur coat, a good way to make use of this unique piece! The colour scheme is also followed with the shoes and the bag, and the little clothing that we see is of basic colours so that all your focus goes to the fur!

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