Sunday, 14 February 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

This week brought us our latest Callie's Picks release, based on love! I'm just glad it's not the typical Valentine's themed outfits I think we might expect and the ad really shows that for us - it's more like a spring love vibe I get from it. So let's get on and take a look!
Two floors for us this time, plus a guys outfit which kind of fits with the theme - it's a nice inclusion, but I think there might have been better items to choose for it. But with the clothing for us ladies there's such a great choice with variety in items and colours and styles, I really think there is something for everyone in this release!
I'll start with accessories, and for some reason I feel like we got quite a lot of different pieces with this collection with both a really good range of shoes and bags to choose from. With shoes, I was glad to see both the Minimal Caramel Leather Heels and the Minimal Chocolate Leather Heels as these sandals are both ones I've had my eye on for a while and I'm sure others have too. There's some Tribute pieces available but it's also nice to see some of the older styles out, like the Strappy Platforms (Vivienne Tam) and the Lace Print Heels (Voile Holiday Boutique). With the bags there are some good basics there like the Light Rose Tweed Clutch, but also classics in the Dior-inspired Quilted Charm Tote.
Clothing now, and as I keep saying, there's a huge variety to choose from! What stood out for me were a few of the older pieces rather than the latest Tribute items. So I'm talking about the Flower Printed Oversize Tee and the Purple Full Length Floral Dress - both pieces I've been wanting! With other stand out pieces including the Rare Inspired By Victor Rolf (I'm amazed it's available for all and really not all too expensive at 17SD's^) and the Tulle Skirt Inspired By Marchesa. There's a classic also there too, the Deauville Silky Top, something I use a lot and could be good to have stocked in your wardrobe. And also Elle's Modern Moto Jkt, a great piece in its day! The one piece I'm still undecided on is the pair of navy High Waisted Trousers. I do quite like them and think I probably would use them, but something seems to be stopping me - best think about it a little longer!
The pricing for this release ranges from 5 to 38SD's. Most items however fall in the 10-20 range with just a few exceptions of Tribute items in the higher prices. I think the prices are pretty good but I did end up spending quite a lot on just 4 or 5 items, so if you're looking at buying a lot it could all add up quickly with this one.
Now some styled outfits! I put to use all the pieces I bought and I think these fit my style quite well and are pieces I can easily see myself wearing again. My favourite look is my last one featuring both the Rare Inspired By Victor Rolf and the Minimal Chocolate Leather Heels =)
And lastly a little feature - Mia1435 wears the Rare Inspired By Victor Rolf so well, it looks amazing with the lace skirt, what a great idea! The accessories and beauty choices also fab =)

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