Wednesday, 3 February 2016

4 0 0 M I L L I O N | Styled Outfits

So the site has almost hit the remarkable 400 million members mark - I joined back when there were just about 1 million, so the sheer number is crazy to think about! In celebration Stardoll released us a window of clothing last week, and there's some pretty good numbers to be had in there^
I purchased 3 of the 5 pieces available for us girls to wear - I do like the 400 Million Party Dress, it's just a bit too revealing in the top half for me, although I think there could be some good solutions to that, I'd also probably want it in a sale, haha!
I really liked the Big Clutch for it's pretty red colouring and minimal style, it's an easy piece to fit into looks and I'm glad I used it in a smart-casual style of look and it works well in this situation. It suited the outfit both with and without the coat, which is a good bonus for it I'd say.
Next the Sparkle Crop in my middle look. I didn't really intend to hide the shoulder decoration, but it just happened that way. Not sure I like this outfit too much, so I think I need to put my head into looks for more outfits with it - it is a great piece for highwaisted trousers/skirts/jeans though, it's always good to have some of those^ And it's a StarCoin piece, that definitely swayed me in favour!
And finally the Sparkle Pants, which are tied for my favourite with the clutch. I love their loose shape and their glittered effect - there's just enough there and it's not overwhelming. I put mine into a bit more of a casual look that formal, but they would be perfect for a more formal one too. Loved pairing a polo with these, though maybe need to work on my accessorising of them =D

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