Thursday, 18 June 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #5

Finally day 5! This time wearing the Rosegold Necklace from PPQ which costs 5SD's and is currently still available in the Plaza (under the Beauty category, not Fashion, that might throw people!)
I struggled a little, definitely not feeling in the creative mood for outfits, it's been a long week and my lack of other rose gold accessories really annoyed me! However I do think it looks nice with this yellow It Girls dress, I wish I had more yellow to wear it with =) Then I seemed to have gone with the pinks - I did want a full white look, but nothing was fitting well enough with the necklace, so that went out of the window fairly quickly. I love it with this white sweater (Chunky Polo Sweater, Nelly) despite it being a wintery look rather than a summer one! I'm surprised with these Fendi shoes too, they're growing on me a lot more with this outfit. The final look was a little thrown together, because I really wanted to get those DKNY trousers in, I suppose it works overall, but it's not the best styling - I'll be the first to admit that!

Anyways, thoughts? Comments welcomed as always!

P.S I also styled an outfit earlier this week featuring this necklace for Accaro, check it here! They are very much NOT fans of my style over there, always complaining that I don't use a jacket or a bag - it seems they are never pleased with any of my posts!


  1. This necklace is so cute. And it's not so expensive. I think I'll buy it :)
    I love the outfits, especially the first (I love yellow). And the other two are so lovely.

    And the outfit in the other blog is Perfect for me!
    I really love how simple it is, but in the same time so beautiful.
    The necklace looks so good with black.
    I love how you've styled it with that top, trousers and shoes.
    Amazing job as always!


  2. Hahaha I'm laughing so much about what you said on Accaro! Actually I stopped following that blog cause I didn't like much the stylings they did over there. The thing I love most about your outfits is the minimalism and simplicity, but that despite that they look complete and super nice, classy and elegant. I like the outfit you post there, although I like these ones better.

    I actually love the third outfit! At first sight my favorite was the second one, but now that I look close I think my order is 3 > 1 > 2. Haha Im always changing my mind. Anyway, love the 3 really! :)

    - mirdith

  3. Accaro is a polish blog and I know how 'fashion' works in Poland - you won't please them, I am Polish myself, trust me!

    Anyway, I love the second outfit. So jealous on these pants, they're to die for!

  4. I must admit it`s pretty hard to choose the best look from here and - excluding the first one - I`m not a fan of this kind of gowns. So I loooooooove both: the 2nd and 3rd look!
    The third is so POSH, I`m sure Victoria Beckham wouldn`t mind wearing it =)