Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Couture Tribute Styled Outfits

As promised, todays post is my Couture Tribute looks! I purchased several items from the collection and have picked a couple here to work out some looks =)
Firstly these Schiaparelli Inspired Trousers which are amazing and probably my favourite piece of the collection. I tried to go for quite different stylings of these because a lot of people have published their looks with them and I didn't want to get mixed in with the crowd - even if these looks aren't stunning or perfect! I wish I had a pretty red or navy sweater or blouse, because I think they'd be idea, so I made do with orange - the piece I picked to style with them first, in that 3rd look. I again tried with this yellow Gucci bag and some golden sandals, I think it kinda works! I particularly like my first look with white pieces, although at first I was a little dubious of that shirt, but I do think it looks alright. This time I picked orange accessories, which I think is a colour which works well with the print. The middle look was my experimental one - I love this Chloe Inspired Sweater with them, it makes a nice combination for the spring or autumn. Other than that I think I'm on the fence with the rest of this look!
My second set includes the Valli Inspired Tulle Skirt with an appearance from the All Over Sequins Clutch. This skirt really surprised me as I loved putting together these two stylings - even if I had to come up with some layering ideas due to the total sheerness of it, but I tried to combine this into the looks as well. Chose D&G for the first look and I think this style of top works great with it. My second look I went with a few more layers underneath the skirt and also included these cute two-tone LE tights which I picked up a while back in the Bazaar - my key piece in this look is the draped shirt, which I placed a belt over the little parrot decoration to keep it just black and I really like the outcome of this. Oh and I also like adding the clutch there, adding just a little colour^

Let me know what you think of my outfits and the pieces =D


  1. Nice outfits! You made me want to buy them haha :D

  2. You made me want to buy these pants! I totally adore the third look, combination of pants and that sweater slays.

  3. First look with the pants and second look with the skirt... WOW!

  4. What store is the orange jumper from?
    xx dddirnenos

    1. No need to post twice! It's from the old Sonia Rykiel Tribute Store from a few years back =)

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