Sunday, 28 June 2015

Little update!

Just a little Sunday morning update for you! You probably don't regularly (or ever, haha) check out the different pages that the blog offers, but I have done updates to the Guest Writers page - you can now see the current Guest Writers (plus a picture) and a list of the past Guest Writers. I also (finally) sorted out the About Me | About Us page which I think could be nice to look at, especially if you're fairly new to the blog =)

And I sort of try and stick to a schedule with the blog - you may have noticed that all of the recent features have been published at 1:30pm (GMT) so that's something I like, and my other content posts tend to go up in the evenings, I like having 8pm, but with my workload it's not always possible. If I have a lot of content I want to post, I'll do an early morning post too. The Guest Writers post at any time they want so their posts will be interspersed between =)
I don't know if this is something people like, but for me it helps keep it all organised and me knowing that I need to get writing new posts!

You also may have noticed the new Hotbuys picture chilling in our sidebar there - starting in July we'll have brand new Hotbuys posts for you, not just from myself, but including the Guest Writers when they have a moment to spare! So that's something to look forward to^

Let me know any opinions or comments below =D


  1. What a nice update! I like it :) It helps me to learn more about this amazing blog.

    For example, I didn't know the blog is active since 2011. Wow, you all did a great job. And even now you are doing it. Keep it up!

    And I like the news about the Hotbuys :) Looking forward to the new posts!

    Thank you for the update.


  2. Good updates! It was nice to see all the people who have been guest writers. Honored to be one of them!

  3. Love the organization and can't wait for July :)

    - mirdith