Tuesday, 23 June 2015

C O U T U R E T R I B U T E | Tribute Review

Yesterday we got a brand new tribute - Couture Tribute, just like we had several summers ago way back at the start of Tributes being released on Stardoll! I think the homepage ad looks very glamorous and is really drawing you in to want to buy the items, whatever filter they used is definitely working, haha!
So we have two floors filled with designer inspired pieces, and I really think we got a great mix here, and I know it's couture, but more trousers would be amazing, because those Schiaparelli Inspired Trousers are stunning! Plus they're only 18/20SD's and will definitely not break the bank! There are so many different styles and colours of dresses that I think everyone could easily pick one that suits their doll. Moving to shoes and accessories - I feel the shoes are a little of a let down and none of them really work for me, but I'm sure some people love them! The bags and few pieces of jewellery, on the other hand, I think are great, the clutch bags especially, and I can't wait to wear both the Golden Minaudiere and the All Over Sequins Clutch!
I know many of us aren't big couture wearers on a day to day basis on Stardoll, so gowns like the Ralph & Russo Inspired Gown might not get many items for it's price (38/42SD's), however it is incredibly pretty - so if you want it and have the money to spend, then why not, I bought it and have no clue when it will ever get worn!
Moving onto the rest of the prices, they range from 4 to 42SD's, with all accessories priced at under 15SD's - I'm pretty happy with the prices, I don't think they're over the top or out of a range I expected. I ended up purchasing 8 items for 140SD's which I believe is a great price for the items.

I will be posting my Styled Outfits post from this Tribute release on Wednesday so take a look out for it =D 


  1. Can't wait for the Styled Outfits ;)
    I personally only bought the Valentino clutch and almost the Charlotte Olympia. I didnt like too much items, I think I prefer spend my money buying more Balmain haha

    - mirdith

  2. I like a few items from this release!
    In love with Schiaparelli Trousers, they're a must!
    Here's my take on them ;)


    (Doll's name's Debbyfiore)

    I'll wait for your Outfits ;D