Monday, 29 June 2015

Bazaar Pit Stop | Hotbuys Isabel Sandals

I am a very keen Bazaar shopper, not only can you pick up great bargains but you often find pieces you might not have seen before. Sometimes it can take a while, but patience is key and I actually find I enjoy searching through the pieces. So this little segment of Styled Outfits will feature items that I've purchased in the Bazaar and not the Plaza, so outwith coming to Callie's Picks, they aren't currently widely available but I wanted to still showcase the items!
These are the Hotbuys Isabel Sandals, from Bisou and were released last June as part of the 'We love Isabel Marant' Hotbuys, and I must have totally passed over them because I didn't really even spot them until a few months ago when I bought them in the Bazaar for 22SD's.
Anyway I finally got around to styling them this weekend, and definitely tried to pick 3 individual looks for them. Being flat sandals I did find them a little challenging as a like a heel to elongate my leg, but I do feel some success from these looks!
The first was my simple choice with just this cream Subcouture dress, which I do think seems to work alright in the more casual environment of the shoe. My second look was the dressed up choice, choosing black with this Nelly dress, but I went with a different styling by choosing the PPQ coat and a glam overshirt for the dress - so it's a bit more summer evening wear I'd say, but I think it's pretty wearable and if I owned these clothes in RL, I'd wear this^ My final look is possibly my favourite with these black Dior trousers, I just think they work well with the sandals, and I've gone for a pretty minimal styling otherwise, with a basic blouse and a handheld blazer, plus getting to use this Studded Men s Clutch from the Couture Tribute release for the first time!

Overall, I'm feeling a success, but what do you guys think? Let me know in comments!

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  1. I like the last one, but I have a question, do you sometimes change yoru hair and and wear some make-up?