Saturday, 5 July 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #118

Had a great day yesterday, bit of a post-graduation BBQ with some of my class and we had a really good time, then I headed off so I can be prepped for the first day of the Tour De France today! Cannot wait to watch live from the UK itself! So one of my last outfits now and also one of the ones styled in the last GET INVOLVED! I really liked the look of it but I know it won't be for everyone, I think it's the print of the jacket, I'm not actually sure I've ever seen a really great look styled with it, so that could be an idea for some of you to try^
Blush Embroidered Blazer, Yves Saint Laurent
Lace Couture Skirt, Special Offer
Fuschia Valentino Dress, Valentino

Pearl Pink Sandals, Chanel


  1. I love this look! The colors all work together very nicely. One of my favorites!

  2. I've been trying very hard to style that skirt but I couldn't. You on the other hand have done an amazing job! Only thing I think was unnecessary was the blazer. Or perhaps a low neck shirt underneath? :)

  3. My dad loves the tour de france aha, I love this outfit, it's something kinda different and fun!