Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Stardoll released a new bunch of Bizou clothes yesterday into the Plaza and I think they're a very nice summer collection - not your typical summery pieces I'd say, but things which work well for those dolls dying in the heat and things which are easy to combine in with current wardrobes. So here's the two Plaza home windows which the clothes currently occupy:
I love the denims on offer, the collared dress is fab and is going to be the focus of my next post, while today's post is a Styled Outfit post for another of the items which isn't featured above, the Lace Trimmed Tee, which costs 186SC's - an accessible piece for everyone, and it actually was the first piece I knew I had to buy from the collection! I've loved wearing stripes this year, and with the added lace, it's a very cute but stylish piece. I've chosen to style it in two very white based looks (it wasn't intentional, promise!) for the summer, and if the temps where you are are anything like they are with me, then the lighter the colour, the better!
Firstly picked Nelly white jeans which are always good to pop on, and I kept white in the bag, picking Dior. Then went maybe a tad crazy on the belt and shoes by going with yellow - in hindsight I'm not sure how wise this was, but at the time I liked it, and it doesn't not go, it just doesn't go amazingly! Secondly picked the Basics white maxi skirt (at 52SC, it's an absolute bargain) then simple black heels and a nude clutch - it seemed harder to choose shoes and a bag for this look for some reason, but I think keeping it really simple is the way forward =D

Which pieces did you guys end up buying from this new release, and how did you style them? Let me know in the comments below! (P.S. Let me know if the link to the tee in the plaza works, if so, I might do this more often)

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