Thursday, 10 July 2014

HotBuys Isabel Jeans - Girly or not?

Love these newly released HotBuys Isabel Jeans from Pretty 'n Love (16 SD's) - I bought them right away and couldn't wait to style them up, it got pushed to the back of my mind until I saw this fab look from SarahVIP! She's styled the jeans very well and in a very kooky manner - the Dior shoes are just perfect! So after spending close to 3 hours looking for some more cool stylings of the jeans and coming up with nothing, I decided I'd just do my styling now! Had to use Dior shoes as well, think they're made for these jeans, but I chose a silver pair. Stuck with basics of a white blouse, but I added a black accessory troupe, playing off the black ankle band of the shoes and hopefully showing that despite the jeans being pink, they can be styled in a less girly manner!

And here's the real life Isabel Marant version from the Spring 2014 RTW show: 


  1. The blouse in your photo above looks quite similar to the Hot Buys blouse that just came out... except of course for the black belt on the Stardoll version.

  2. well, this is off-topic, but I want to buy something from your sale rooms, but I'm blocked by you, so, how do I ask for it, your GB is blocked for me.

    1. If you have been blocked it was for good reason. You can buy items when they are in my Bazaar.

    2. Okay.
      Could I just tell you what item I want here?

    3. No, this is my blog and not a sales centre.