Wednesday, 23 July 2014

And Today I Wore

So I've refreshed my closet selection and this set of clothes should make a few weeks of outfits! I've been much more select than last time, with under 15 items of clothing - if I could live my Stardoll life forever with just this much, it'd be great, but lets face it, I couldn't manage it!!! Anyway, today I chose a casual white outfit, picking this great 'Paris' tee {It Girls} and unconventionally pairing it with a lace skirt {Pretty 'n Love}. I accessorised very simply with just white/silver (very undecided on what colour they actually are!) heels and a pretty Nelly necklace - a piece I love and don't wear enough! Still haven't taken this hair off, people seem to love it on me rather a lot, and I think I might have to agree with them that it sure does suit my doll =D 

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