Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Heat | I M P R E S S E D

Took this at about 6:50pm tonight, just a couple over 20,000 SS to go until the bar is full, now that may seem like a lot, but this morning the bar hadn't even reached the 4th target there with 20% more SD's and a very nice bag, infact it was almost 10,000 until that point - pretty much meaning that in the last 8 hours or so, 40,000 SS memberships have been bought, plus there's still another day to go! I'd say during the last week it was a general consensus that Stardoll set their aim too high with this one, but the offer was on for 2 weeks, in my mind why not wait until last minute and still qualify for the offer and get that bit longer on the other end of your membership? Heck, that's what I'm doing, I'm not buying my membership until later tonight or maybe even tomorrow morning! Plus we all know LE is coming in the near future so people want to prep for that and be able to compete in the 'Face of LE' contest, I know I will! So it looks like this offer's definitely worked then!

Oooh, and do you wanna check out the sidebar there, just below all my labels? Yep - got my Stardoll Instagram all set up and will be shamelessly promoting the blog on there through my Styled Outfits pics, plus some graphics to keep a tad of variety =) So you can follow me on instagram @sparklewand12


  1. Thanks for keeping track of this Summer Heat thermometer. I am shocked!

  2. The last two targets filled up so fast!

  3. I can't wait to get my dress!
    And the extra month of SS, plus extra SD helps a bit!
    This offer hooked me, line and sinker Lol