Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Underneath Stardoll | R E L E A S E R E V I E W

Today Stardoll released a brand new underwear store to the Plaza, a much needed range in my opinion! I really love the advertising Stardoll put out for the store - the above is shown on the homepage and I think it looks very appealing and definitely portrays a newer more modern feel to the brand which I don't feel like advertising for previous stores has had =)
So the store is shown above, and it has a fab presentation, perfect for an underwear store in my opinion! Prices are 7 or 8 SD's for either bikinis/boy shorts and then 8 or 10 SD's for a bandeau/bra, which in this day and age isn't that bad for Stardoll, however if you choose to change your skin tone or change it regularly it could become expensive quickly! The items cater for a good range of 10 skin tones, which is perfect and much needed - the currents bras from It Girls which we have (4 SD's) come in 6 tones but are a black bra on the tone, these new ones provide much more versatility. However great they are though, unfortunately they don't fit every skin tone, and I find myself just a little too dark for Beige but not dark enough for Bronze - I'm actually better off with the It Girls one I've found!
So as you can see, they're just not right for me! This doesn't mean I will completely ignore the store, I very much applaud the concept and think it was a great addition to the Plaza from Stardoll which many members will love!
Some members have the perfect skintone for these pieces and I've selected some snapshots user have posted at one of our partners, USD, to feature:


  1. I have difficulty in trying to match my doll's skin tone to the bra. Too bad they don't have settings already there for the 10 skin tones that match the bras' skin tones. I may never get the skin tone correct to match the bra.

  2. My skintone basically matches perfectly with the wheat colour, love this collection!