Tuesday, 15 July 2014

T R E S S U P | Release Review

So today Stardoll treated us with some fabulous new hairs - it seems like they're on a bit of a roll in that aspect seeing as we've just had two new sections added to the StarDesign Hair studio. As hair design isn't really up my street, I'm more than happy for this new Plaza addition =) Lets take a look at what we've got:
So there's 14 new Ombre hairstyles for us to get our roots into - and what's great about these ones over the original Ombre styled ones which we had with the birth of the store, is that we can change the colour of the Ombre, total score!!! Haha, but it is amazing, that means if we don't want pink or purple, we don't have to have it! Stardoll have even included the right colour dyes right beside each style so we can choose to have a single coloured style if that's what we want. I think it's perfect!
Two of the styles are SS only, I just like one "Pink Waves Yin/Yang" (24SD) although not with the pink, so that's one I'd purchase the dye with. The rest of the styles range from 14 to 22 SD's, with most being under 20 - pretty reasonable actually! The dyes are all 6 SD's and are named in accordance with the style they match, great for once they're stored in your Beauty Parlor with your others and they all look similar =)
At first glance it also looks like the floors have each been duplicated, however with closer look you can see the difference is that the ombre effect is on the opposite part of the hairstyle, e.g. if it's pink at the ends on the floor above, on the other it's pink at the top - that make sense? If not just play around with the store! For me it doesn't make much of a difference because I know I won't ever choose an ombre effect and I'll always just want one colour - but for the people who it will make a difference to, the choice is there =)
Overall I think it's been a very thoughtful collection on Stardoll's part and it very much takes a step further in the ability to allow us to truly have unique dolls =)
I purchased 4 different styles along with their dye's costing just over 100 SD's, which may seem expensive to some people, but for me it's an investment because I'll be able to use them to my hearts content - I'm pretty sure I've pleaded my side of the "Tress Up is reasonably priced" argument quite a few times before!!!
So what did you guys think of these new hairstyles for our dolls? Let me know in the comments =D

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