Tuesday, 15 July 2014

And Today I Wore

Now that the Wear My Closet Challenge is done, I can get back to posting these And Today I Wore's every so often - a posting segment which I really loved! Now if any of you have seen my closet, I've done something different with it - I've picked a minimal number of pieces (there's like 4 pages of clothing and 1 of accessories!!!) to choose from to make outfits for, once I've exhausted those pieces I plan to switch them out with other items. Right now I'm very into whites, nudes and pale pinks particularly in my accessories, and white is very much a prominent feature in the clothing section too! 
So with this look I chose to give these fabulous Just Cavalli trousers an airing. I bought them in the Bazaar sometime during the early days of Wear My Closet and I've been dying to wear them, and now I can! I paired them with this white and floaty It Girls tee (still in the Plaza) and then accessorised with some of my top Tribute pieces from this season - Fendi heels and a Dior Couture bag. I also am trying out this great new StarDesign hair piece from LanaDelChanel., you guys should check it out =D


  1. I love this outfit! Clean, minimal and interesting.

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