Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weekly Hotbuys

So I'm sure we've all seen these new weekly Hotbuys, I actually quite like the idea, and if they keep with this sort of having a theme for each week, I know they will excite me to check them out! Call me naive, but I think it's cute, and I look forward to further releases!
So this weeks ones were released today, and based on Valentines day which is coming up - I don't celebrate it, I have no-one to give my 'valentine' to so I don't really see the point, but I love pink and hearts!
 I think Stardoll has advertised them really well, I think they've made the pieces look appealing, and do make me consider buying them more than if they were just on a mannequin in a store.
After trying everything on, I quickly eliminated the eye make-up pieces, they're very not me, and have potentially eliminated the bag, I think it's quite bulky for a heart clutch bag, but I might reconsider in a few days. The earrings are a potential, as it the top - and although I love cut-outs, I don't think this one looks good on my doll, a bit too much breast showing for me to want to wear.
And last but not least(and my favourite) are the nail tips, I think these are adorable! I haven't bought them yet, but I'd like to know whether you need to buy one or two sets to have them for each hand? ^^If anyone knows please comment!
Anyway, that's all for now for this very quick post =)

Love x


  1. You can only buy one set of the nails. When you try to buy another set, a message pops up saying that you already bought this item already. This was disappointing for me since there's no real point in having just one set. What about the other hand? :/
    - solastalgic

    1. Oh that's such a shame! Maybe it's a glitch - I'd send Stardoll a message and ask, it's worth a try =)

    2. Now you can buy 2 sets of decorations! It`s a left set now in Starplaza. ;)

    3. Yay! Thank you for telling us =D

    4. No problem. :-j I think SD read your message. :D