Thursday, 28 February 2013

Same girl?

*This new segment is for fun, it is gossip, and will never intentionally have truth behind it, I have run out of people to feature, and people like reading a little fun, right?*

Model Kadet was seen earlier today in Milan, looking noticeably thinner than her normal healthy self
She left a mystery centrally located building in Milan, and walked a block before catching a taxi. She was at least a size smaller than we've seen her at, and it's worrying after her busy fashion week scheduling. It was actually surprising we saw her in Milan, Paris began 2 days ago, where we hear she was reported for 10 casting sessions before the shows began, not turning up isn't her thing at all, so we wonder what's going on.
With 14 magazines having rights to her as a model, and another rumoured to be added to that list soon, we think the modelling industry is beginning to take its toll on this young girl - maybe some home comforts and time off in her home country of Poland is what she needs, although her gap could quickly be filled by a number of up and coming models, will she risk her position or not? Who knows!

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  1. This text is so great! Ha ha ha ... I love it ! >.<