Saturday, 9 February 2013

Leather + White

Recently on Stardoll I've rediscovered a pair of leather looking leggings I had in storage, and I've kinda always been thinking about them when I've been stying outfits - you're probably not surprised to see I've enjoyed pairing them with white blouses:
In RL I would never wear leggings with a blouse or shirt like that, I'd be afraid of my bum looking fat or my undies showing through or something (haha), but I don't have to worry about that on SD, so I might as well live on the wild side a little^^
I like all 3 of these combinations, the first is with a detailed top, the second with a masculine styled shirt and the third with a sheer blouse - they all involve similar items but have a very different feel to them. I also think that finding a bag to go with any of these looks will be super simple, so it'll be easy to get something to go with whatever you choose!
Here are two looks that I've chosen out of many from Pinterest, I think they both work with the leather leggings and a white shirt really nicely and in two different ways:

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