Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sale galore!

So stardoll launched a pretty big sale across many stores in the plaza today, and I think it's worth some time checking out! There are a whole range of clothing stores with 50% off, so now is your chance to grab some bargains, and get those pieces that you would grudge paying full price for!
So what am I buying in the sale? Well to be honest, if I see a piece I really want I tend to buy it when it comes out, but there are many pieces that are worth considering buying, mainly ones which I don't think are worth the money!
I might show some of my top sale choices later, but I don't have time right now, we have a full week in the labs this week and so much nightly reading and questions to do!


  1. Fantastic, but it only lasted for 2 days :(

  2. I totally splurged during this sale! It was well worth it though [: