Sunday, 3 February 2013

Baham Trousers

So the item I've chosen for this Styled Outfit post is:
They're from Killah, and cost 13 SD's. I got mine for 0 when there was a 3 for 2 offer on in the plaza and got these, the cheapest item, for free =) I love these trousers, firstly because they're white and secondly because of their fit and shape. They are ankle grazers so are perfect for spring and summer, and they fit to the leg really nicely, it means you can either tuck in your shirt or you can wear it loose. 
This first look is actually the one I'm wearing while writing this post, but I had to include it as I love it so much! I love all the white, it helps me feel so much more summery! I added a shirt with a detailed collar to give it, well, more detail, and chose simple white heels. I chose the Original Future sweater because it's white with neon details, neon is still around, and I like it in minimal bursts, so this is a great sweater for me! The colours also add a little flair to the all-white look.
This look is more spring/coming out of winter styled with the coat. I kept it bright with the Basics peplum tangerine top, I think this colour works well as it goes nicely with both white and black. I chose simple nude heels as I felt there was already quite a lot going on with the other items. 
Based this final look on pink - and I think the outfit is perfect for the spring, especially with the flower blossom influences in the top. I added paler tones of pink in the accessories with the Chanel heels and the Pretty'n Love clutch, this was to keep the focus mainly on the top. I think that although this style is a bit more  girly, anyone could pull it off!

That's all for now!

Love K xxx