Wednesday, 27 February 2013

4th week of Hotbuys

I have to say the overall presentation that Stardoll is giving of these Hotbuys is pretty impressive, they've come up with something individual and unseen every week so far, and I think it really make people enticed to check out the Hotbuys I think, it's pretty good for them =)

This week I love the jacket and skirt, I bought them as soon as I'd seen them! They remind me of MiuMiu a bit, not sure if that's what they're inspired by, but I definitely see something MM about both of them! 
They look good together, but would also be easily paired with other items:
 For the jacket, I paired it with my favourite navy trousers, which I seem to have neglected recently! I added some purple platforms which I bought in the bazaar recently, and went for a white shoulder bag - I like this addition as it keep the look a bit fresher, and it stands out(I also didn't have a suitable purple bag ...) and it picks out the white details in the jacket.
Went for a retro sort of theme with the skirt, paired it with a crochet cropped sweater, and chunky black heels, I think overall it's much more summery, so I think I'll be saving this look for June or July, but nevertheless it's good to plan ahead =) I was a little unsure of the black shoes at first, but after looking at it for a good 30 minutes, I'm happy with my choice =) 

Have you had a chance to style any of these Hotbuys yet? Share below!

Love K xxx

P.S. Have a little listen:
This song was in last weeks PLL which I have only gotten around to watching now, and I'm hooked!

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