Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Make a statement

Statement jewellery has really risen through the ranks these past few seasons and I'm totally falling for it on Stardoll now - I've previously been quite afraid to go for those bold necklaces, but something seems to have changed my mind! These are some pics that have been uploaded here in the past showing statement necklaces, with the first being the most recent necklace that I've been loving:
1st = Myself
2nd = famous12
3rd = kociara074
4th = Myself
Some tips I can say about dressing your statement piece would include making sure you choose the right hairstyle, you don't wanna go to the effort of buying a great piece then have your hair covering it up, I would always go for a shorter style, or an up-do when wearing jewellery. Also make sure you've got suitable clothing on - if you choose your piece from the beauty parlor, this will sit on top of any clothing you have on, so pieces might not look right with jackets for example. If the jewellery is from your suite, it will either be movable, meaning you can layer it under clothing (which is great!), or it wont be, it's a little hit or miss really!


  1. I recently have been starting to enjoy wearing more bold jewlerry. I never used to like it but now it is something I am trying more and more :)

  2. I love this article. Really well written & I can only agree :)
    I love statement-pieces, I try to use them in mostly every outfit!

    Meli.xP, x x x