Friday, 15 February 2013

Aspiring graphic designers?

I know quite a lot of you are beginning graphics, so I want to introduce this wonderful new project to you that you should definitely take a look at!
The Artist is run by Lindsey, LoveGossip4Life, and is a brand new graphics contest which has just recently started. Applications for cycle 1 have just opened up today and you have until March 8th to apply.
There's quite a bit of information about all the different rounds on the About page over at the blog, so if it interests you in the slightest, I'd suggest you go and check it out, because you may get accepted and go far! That's how I started my graphics career, I had a little practice, applied for cycle 1 of NTGD almost a year ago, and got accepted and learnt so much from that point =)

Anyways please check it out and follow =D

Love K xxx

P.S. This is the blogs 400th post!!! =O =O =O


  1. Hi sparklewand12, How can i become a guest writer here? :)

    1. I'm not looking for guest writers at this time, sorry. When I am looking, I will usually approach people I would be interested in having here, and if I can't find anyone I will put out a comment, but the last time I did that I only got 1 reply from over 200 followers, so it didn't seem like a successful method.

  2. Fantastic idea! I would start learning to make graphics, but i have no idea where to start or how to make them. This is a great opportunity for those who do know how to make them, and want to get a head-start in their career.

  3. Thanks for the feature Kirsten! :)