Friday, 4 September 2015

R O Y A L T Y | Release Review

Last week brought a new Royalty collection to the Plaza - I thought for a little before deciding to write a review seeing as I'm not a SS or Royalty member so I cannot buy anything, but I decided I'd quite like a record of the release on the blog, so here it is! The homepage ad is alright, although nothing that blows me away, so lets just get onto the store:
Now in comparison to the floors of gowns we've had in  the past, I feel like this set of clothing falls a little flat. There are definitely a couple of nice pieces but quite a few things just don't seem to fit into a Royalty only collection.
I love that the pieces are a lot more wearable than previous gown collections from the store, and the High Waist Pants are a perfect example of that, in matching those I do think the Black Lace Blouse has some great potential, although getting around those sleeves could be a challenge! There is a little glitz and glam in the collection, so it doesn't disappoint for the people who enjoy that, the Golden Lace Dress is the answer for that. And for the 'mes' of the world, the White Lace Dress brings the white clothing to the collection!
To me the accessories really didn't bring it for this collection. I didn't particularly think the bags were that well made or great for a Royalty collection. The shoes are pretty average, but nothing is making me want to buy them (or think about buying them when I'm Royalty) I'm afraid!
Prices range from 5 to 28SD's, with pretty much all bar a few under 20SD's, which I'm pretty impressed with. That seems a little cheaper than past releases, but for the quality I'd agree they were the right prices for the items.

So no Styled Outfits at the current moment in time, but what would I buy and style if I could? Well definitely the High Waist Pants and the White Lace Dress, but I'd also definitely consider the Red Bow Blouse and the Long Zebra Dress too^

Finally a quick feature - alicebest98 styling the High Waist Pants, I love them with this Saint Laurent Zebra Lapel Jacket!

What do you guys think of this release? Let me know in comments!

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