Monday, 21 September 2015

E P I P H A N Y | Release Review

Last week we saw a brand new floor of Epiphany which was deemed a MSW collection. I am in love with the homepage ad, it's so glamourous and the whole look of it is excellent with those different effects used, I think it gives the release a high bar to start with^
And this time it's not purely jewellery, but there's also the inclusion of some eyeshadow and lip pieces, which is definitely different! So with my newly finished Wear Dem Jewels Challenge, I feel like this store is perfect for renewing a jewellery collection.
I love that there are both showstopping pieces as well as items which have a more simplistic touch, so there's something for most people - the kinda crazy Layered Sparkling Neck Piece definitely stands front and centre of the release. But the actual graphic skill used to make it is amazing, when you look at it close up it's just stunning! It's a SS only piece, so not something I'll be purchasing, but at the other end of the glam-scale is something I have bought, the Timeless Necklace. This really is, pardon the pun, timeless as it's got a minimal feel yet is a classic piece with the small diamond - I really see it being worn very easily in many different styles. There are pieces in the middle of the two, and I think the Draped Pearls Shoulder Piece could be worn fantastically by many dolls! Lets not forget earrings and I really like both the Diamond Chandelier Earrings and the Art Deco Earrings, both pieces which are beautiful but not too much to go with at least a few different styles on your doll. The Crystal Cluser Cuff is also a pretty nice piece, but right now it's not something I've bought - maybe at closing down time, but I don't see myself wearing it right now.
The makeup pieces really aren't something I'm a fan of, which is definitely a shame because makeup can be great! The eye pieces all have to be bought individually, which could be a little expensive with prices of 5-10SD's per piece and you could make a great eye look with other makeup products available.
The prices range from 4 to 22SD's, which isn't really all that bad for Epiphany or the greatly designed items you are getting! There are a couple of SS only pieces, so that's also something to look out for.

So I bought 3 items in the end, and here are some makeup stylings for the earrings seeing as I'm still in the mood from my latest challenge:
Finally a little feature of Jainijain_ styling the Layered Sparkling Neck Piece to perfection with this incredible makeup look with burgundy lips =D