Friday, 11 September 2015

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Another new Callie's Picks release - this time themed on MSW, a perfect idea I think! The homepage ad is just how it should be in my opinion, it's got gowns and some great makeup and a tad of 'fierce', just the key for showing off to get votes for the competition!
So just one floor and I'm kinda wanting more to be honest - another floor would have been loved I think! As you would expect, quite a few of the pieces are from previous MSW stores, the MSW Black Faux Feather Coat, the Alexander Wang Inspired Blazer (a classic piece I have loved owning since the original release in 2010!), and the matching Alexander Wang Inspired Pants, however there are some other great and versatile pieces included, like the perfect Minimalist Alexander Heels which are a wardrobe essential!
Overall a great release really with a good selection of pieces to choose from - mostly dresses and skirts but also a few trousers included to round it all out. I like that it's not all about the dressed up glamour that a lot of people go for with MSW, but also shows some street glamour in pieces like the Black Scale Skirt and the Sequin Pocket Tee. Both of these I think could be great in totally different looks and are super versatile outside of MSW! Prices for clothing ranges from 14 to 30SD's which is pretty reasonable and it's only the gowns which are at the top end of that range.
There are quite a few accessories included in this release with several bags (my favourite being the Glitter Clutch) and numerous pairs of shoes (I've already mentioned the Minimalist Alexander Heels, but those Faux Fur Ribbon Heels look pretty interesting and I kinda wanna see where I could take them!). The accessory pricing ranges from 5 to 13SD's which I do think is about average and as expected - so really nothing to complain about there!
Clothing-wise, I only bought the Alexander Wang Inspired Pants and so they're what I've styled in my outfits for this post
There were so many looks that worked with these pants it was ridiculous, but I tried to go for a few different things with both slightly more plain and then more colourful - also managed to include the Classic Red Sole Heels which also came out in this release.
And now a feature - Mia1435 wearing the same pants (along with the Blazer), but this was such a classic look I couldn't pass up the opportunity to feature^

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