Thursday, 3 September 2015

M I N I M A L I S M | Release Review

Now it's not often I'll post a decor store Release Review, but I just love this one and couldn't help it! The homepage ad drew me in completely, the Mediterranean feel is perfect and I think it's because I live in a cold and rainy country that I like the sea this colour^ Anyways, enough rambling, lets look at the store: 
This store just has such a high-fashion feel to it immediately upon viewing. And there are so many items squashed in there, lots of seating along with large and small decor pieces for your suite. And the good thing is that they all look great together like this and also on their own - so you don't have to buy everything and you can combine pieces easily in your suite with what you already own.
I love the metallic feel to the collection, the gold style is very 'in' right now in terms of decor and we get that in most of the items available - I particularly love the 24 Carat Table and think with the right pieces this could be a fab center piece to a room. And the smaller accessory pieces, like the Bright Modern Bouquet, the Exclusive Gold Pillow (only 145SCs), the Modern White Lillies and the Stacked Vogue Magazine could be easy pieces to work into many different styles of rooms. My favourite piece however is the Twisted Leg Armchair which I purchased immediately because it's an easy minimal piece to style, plus I love the twisting metal decoration on the leg, which gives it a unique touch.
Prices range from 6 to 30SD's, however it's just the interior background that costs 30 - the rest of the items are below 20SD's. In considering coin prices, there's just the aforementioned Pillow which is in coins, so it isn't necessarily the most accessible collection for everyone.

I'll be the first person to admit that I have no decor skills whatsoever, but I did manage to put the items I purchased to good use in my suite - this space has been sitting with just the window for such a long time so I'm glad to have done a little something more interesting there!
So even the most inept person can make something of it! You should all give some of the pieces a try^

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