Friday, 25 September 2015

B I Z O U | Release Review

Today the Plaza brought another new release, the 'September Essentials' Bizou collection, which is a great idea. The homepage ad is cute and really works for this store, however I'm not sure how autumn-like it is, considering September is autumn! But anyways, onto the store:
So there's a good mix with this release, although as a Septmeber collection, and advertised as that, I'd expect some slightly warmer clothing with deeper colours. Now there are some burgundies in there, but there's also summer florals in the Floral Garden Dress, and nautical Mediterranean styled clothes in the Crisp Culottes and the Striped Sateen Jumpsuit. So although these pieces aren't all that bad, I don't really view the collection as being well selected. So burgundy - it does feature in a few pieces in this release, my favourite being the Burgundy Tie Vest (and it does look pretty decent with the Crisp Culottes actually!), which I think suits being on it's own, or with a top or shirt paired underneath. I quite like the style of the Alexa Full Skirt Dress, but right now it's not something I see myself styling all that much. The final piece I do really like, and I think it is the most versatile item of the release, is the Washed Denim Shirt - the shape is pretty unique for Stardoll shirts and the washed effect is that little bit darker, so good for a colder season in my opinion!
I wasn't impressed much by the accessories, which seems a common theme for me lately. The Snake Print Clogs and the Snake Printed Clutch are both pretty nice, but for me it's a 'maybe later' or 'maybe in the sale', and not something I find myself wanting to purchase immediately.
Finally the prices - they range from 7 to 18SD's, with a couple of SC pieces available, but they weren't items which stood out to me. Not bad prices, but could be a little more pocket-friendly for the nonSS members, however I think you can make the most by thinking carefully about your purchases =D
I've purchased just two items so far, the Washed Denim Shirt and the Burgundy Tie Vest, and I've put together a few looks with these just with my first impressions of them:
I'm super happy with these quick looks I came up with, especially the combination of the Burgundy Tie Vest with the Beckham Faux Fur Coat (It Girls) - gonna need to use this more^
Finally a quick feature, Isabella8103 showing the summery Striped Sateen Jumpsuit can look totally awesome:

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