Thursday, 24 September 2015

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Yesterday came our fortnightly drop of Callie's Picks, with an autumn theme this time. This is definitely welcome in my books because as the weather gets colder, I just wanna dress my doll up warmer and in the perfect fall burgundy's and tan's!
So we got two packed floors this time, and I really believe all the best bits come on that second one! The colours of clothes chosen for the store are perfect and there's a good mix in there for all tastes.
There actually quite a lot of dresses and skirts with this release, but there are some good trousers too - the Fringe Trousers are a fab and fun piece, and their drop-waist sort of style is pretty popular. It's different for me to style but I'm sure I'll love putting together tops and coats with them^ In considering the skirts, the Autumn Gold Skirt is amazing!!! I adore both the colour and the shape, and the difference from usual skirts available just makes me want to style it even more. It goes perfectly with the Satin Turtleneck from the mannequin, which is a lovely piece in it's own right - in fact, I don't recall seeing it before, so love the renewing for it. Also while we're speaking of tops, let's just take a moment to thank Callie for the Puffy Crew Neck Tee - I've been lusting after it for a while and so am overjoyed at it's place here. It's more of a spring piece to me, but I'm sure it works well with autumnal colours too. Sort of in keeping from there - coats! There is a good range, though I want more, a whole coat collection would be perfect =D The Double Button Coat is again another classic, and something I can see being very popular from this release. So the dresses - there are some good pieces available, although I can think of more autumn styles which I think would have been perfect, although I'm not complaining, there are good items in this collection! My favourite dress would be the Stripe Swtr Dress - it's versatile and I can see it going well into winter too.
The accessories were fine, but I didn't feel as large a pull to them as I do the clothing.
Prices range from 4 to 30SD's, with only a few items at either extremity - so overall the prices are acceptable. I ended up purchasing quite a few items and spending almost 100SD (woops!) and you can check out my Styled Outfits post on Monday =D

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