Saturday, 12 September 2015

Museum Mile | F E A T U R E S

I'm not really a huge Museum Mile or StarDesign clothing fan, so I'd skimmed past this release a little - however one piece stood out to me as the star of the collection, the MUNCHKIN XD Coat, which I think is a great season piece for this year! I've yet to purchase the coat for 36SD's because I do think it's expensive (I might go for it if I renew my SS), however here are two amazing features, from ROYALTI_Anna and iBeil., who has also managed to include the InnocenceKarin Earrings, which are a little large for my taste but look amazing in this outfit combination:
I love the use of other browns and beiges in this look - the trousers and over the shoulder bag are perfect though!
The knitted sweater and fringed skirt look so good together - the faux fur coat works so well to compliment the textures =)

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