Tuesday, 22 September 2015

M S W 1 5 S T O R E # 2 | Release Review

So at the end of last week we had the treat of a second floor of the MSW 15 Store. The homepage ad fits in with the theme of the last release (my review here), and looks just as chic - now we did get a few eyeshadow looks in the Epiphany Store, but I'm still holding out for a Dot collection or something^
This time the whole floor of clothing definitely has a generally darker feel to it that the last release, a lot less pinks and creams and more of a focus on black and blue, which I don't mind at all. There are mostly dresses on this floor, with the majority of them floor length gowns however each is individual, for example the cut-outs in the Drastic Cutout Dress (very aptly named!) or the pretty draping and straps in the Draped Chiffon Gown, and I definitely find myself preferring these over the shorter dresses, the Cutout Silver Dress, or the Two Tone Zipped Skirt - but that's just personal preference and I'm sure people have enjoyed styling them so far! With the rest of the clothing I'm so pleased that the Satin and Sequins Gown (the one I mentioned before, from Ulyana Sergeenko). And I also like the trousered look - pairing the Shiny Patent Trousers and the Plunge Neckline Top, this shirt is amazing and was a piece I purchased immediately!
Thinking of the accessories, I definitely found myself a little disappointed with them - the Silver Mirror Clutch is great, but I didn't get any vibes from anything else really. The Silver Classic Tote is alright, but I don't really think it needs to be a Royalty piece particularly much. And the shoes just don't fit the bill at all in my opinion.
So Styled Outfits come from my favourite piece, the Plunge Neckline Top, and also one look including the Satin and Sequins Gown just because I couldn't miss it out:
Finally two features, Mia1435 and Miver are both rocking the Plunge Neckline Top to give a few more ideas on what to wear it with:
P.S. Aren't both of these dolls looking absolutely amazing in those lipstick colours?!?!

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