Friday, 9 May 2014

We can all be IT GIRLS together

So so so - finally getting around to doing my styled outfits from the latest (it can't possibly be classed as latest, most recent I should probably say!) It Girls release! I really loved this collection, and you can check out my review by clicking right here =) [Awkward, it came out at the end of March and we're over a week into May now!] Oh, just a note, as this is a Styled Outfits post and not part of the Wear My Closet Challenge, I will be including other items that you may have seen me wear in the challenge - wanted to clarify because I'm sure someone would point it out!
So firstly, the Poppy Jeans, inspired by:
We also got the shoes, I won't be styling them today, but I'm looking forward to wearing them, anyway, here are the 4 looks that I've styled:
I found these super easy to style, not that I expected it to be hard though, they're great jeans! I wore heels with all of my looks, but flats would look good too, sandals would be great for a summery look, right now I'm thinking the flat Hotbuys sandals that came out recently (that I wore here). I love the more dressed up style of the top right look, I think they look great in a more fancy look rather than a regular casual (I'm not sure I can class heels as casual, but since that's all that you're gonna see on my doll, I guess casual it is!)

Now for the Frappe Tee, with a similar style to:
 I'm sure this whole look could easily be recreated on Stardoll, but here are my 3 outfits for the tee:
I've gone for a bit of a different set of looks, I think typically I'd pair these with jeans or white trousers, so I've managed to steer away from that. I love how the tee looks with skirts surprisingly, I think it's great! However it does work perfectly with trousers too and I love adding a little belt for an accessory with this one! 

Now dresses can't be styled too many different ways, so I've just gone for one look for the following pieces, I've also included the RL versions so you can check them out too =)

That's all for now! Catch up with you later =) xxx

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