Friday, 2 May 2014

Silver sparkles

Have to say I was actually pretty surprised with the newest MM Fashion collection, some of the pieces are great, especially this top (and the skirt it's paired with on the mannequin, it's to. die. for.) - which I bought immediately! I loved these two stylings of it from Prorsum and EugenieS - they both wear it in a great summery style, and I think it really does look great with the pale colours that both have chosen! I can't wait to style mine once I've finished exams - 13th of May! At least I've started now and had one, it went quite well, the questions that I wanted to come up came up and I was fine for time and was able to make my pre-planned toilet break, I'm one of those people that does that, I just can't sit in a 3 hour exam and not need to go! 

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