Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Met Gala 2014 - YH Release

So in the wake of the Met Gala last night, Stardoll have released a YH window as per usual after all the events these days - they chose 3 dresses from a huge range, here's just a glimpse at what the stars wore:
And here's the pieces that we got along with their actual versions:
So we got three dresses and a pair of shoes from this little window, with prices at 45 SD's for the shoes (a bargain if I do say so myself!) and from 115-140 SD's for the dresses, which I think is a pretty good deal considering how pricey the items from the last LE collection were! I think my favourite is the Georgia May Jagger one, the whole look is great and I think the dress could be worked into some fabulous concoction! The shoes are perfect, super versatile, I can tell I'll get a lot of wear from them [I foresee a styled outfits post with them!] =) I do love the cut of the Naomi Campbell dress though, I think it could be combined really nicely into something and be worn as a skirt, but we'll have to see =)
And the Liu Wen dress - it's another Lupita, that isn't going to be styled with something else! Now I just need the Stardoll event to wear it for!

Overall I'm happy with it, but a larger collection could have been great as I loved a lot of pieces from the night - and I want to thank Hilmy for buying the pieces for me, out of fear that I would miss them!


  1. I agree, a larger collection would have been better. There are some nice pieces but the prices are not justified imo.

  2. The prices were outrageous! I only bought the big pink dress.