Wednesday, 21 May 2014

HotBuys Galore!

So I'd been saving up numerous pieces to style while I've been studying, and here are two of the Hotbuys which were released - I've also included the RL versions of these, both of which I really love! The pieces were both shown in menswear shows, which I think really brings about the idea of versatility onto the site, enjoy!
This blazer was 18SD from It Girls and came out in April (April 5th actually, I've been waiting to style it since then!) - I did show two featured looks with this piece here with both looks choosing skirts and bare legs, so I have opted to style with jeans =) First look went for matching colours, which made the red stripe really stand out against the white jeans and black accessories, and for the second look I ventured a little outside the box and chose jeans (love this boyfriend style pair, I might actually do a whole post on them!) along with black accessories. Seemed to be finding hats a necessity with this jacket, guess they work well and I love both of these!
This shirt is a May release and cost 15SD, I've seen a couple of looks around the site, but haven't featured any - I choose trousers/jeans for this piece again, skirts could look really nice, but would definitely require some thought to look great! I ended up styling a pair of jeans, a print and a simple black pair of trousers, and I think all actually work with this shirt. For me, because it is pretty long, you really need heels, but that's just my opinion and how I've dressed my doll!

P.S. 900th post on the blog, can't really believe it!

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