Friday, 23 May 2014

Subcouture Stylings

So Subcouture came out wayyyyy back at the end of March and now finally is my Styled Outfits post! Definitely far far too late, but I still wanna do it because I said I would =) I had actually done this all yesterday and then my computer decided to crash before I could save what I'd done, so I had to do it all again - searched for close to 2 hours for the real version of the trousers, but had no luck - found some similar ones but nothing identical - anyone know? So I included 3 stylings of these for you =)


  1. the pants are Ulyana Sergeenko
    and I loved how you styled them

    1. Thanks! I actually looked at that and though, "Hmm, maybe, but I don't wanna get it wrong" and skipped over it!