Monday, 19 May 2014

A Popular Style

A new MS.TQ collection was released this week, I myself amn't that much of a fan, but one hairstyle has really taken off around the site - lets take a look!
TOP ROW L-R = AnnMason Asya2004 J.Cool.J Mia1435 BOTTOM ROW L-R = Sarah.Parker. SarahVIP Polina_Bast AnaCleta.
I love how you can take just one hairstyle in one colour and make it work and look different in a whole number of different looks! I've been pretty bad with trying out makeup recently, but after snapping all these looks with the hair, I noticed each dolls makeup so much more, and it's great at the individuality between them, it's honestly becoming a bit of an inspiration and my little cogs are turning up there for my dolls makeup looks for the future! Plus I might buy that hair now, I think it would look awesome in a formal setting, but can't wait to try it out in a casual look, may look amazing with some sort of hat or elaborate hair accessory =) 

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