Sunday, 11 May 2014


I am a crazy crazy Eurovision fan! For those of you outwith Europe, it's basically an annual singing competition in which every year each country in Europe (some choose not to enter though) puts forward an entry of an original song and in May they all perform, every country votes and points are distributed to decide a winner, and the winners country will host the competition the following year. You'll have all heard of ABBA? They are probably the most well known winners and won way back in the 70's beginning their career =) 
So anyway, Eurovision was on last night and I was so excited, I mean I preferred other songs to Austria's but she was so genuinely surprised and overwhelmed with the win, it was truly heartwarming - I love love LOVED The Netherlands entry, been listening to it for a couple of weeks now, along with Malta's, and I linked them to my family and was like 'You're gonna love these songs, but they'll never win' - I am so so happy that The Netherlands came second! That was perfect in my opinion =) 
One of the highlights, as usual, was Graham Norton's commentary, it's just great, though I think his best comment was a few years ago "Oh, here we have the results from France - only 2!?!? WE BUILT A TUNNEL TO YOUR COUNTRY!" I thought that was hilarious!

So just two video's of The Netherlands and Malta, let me know what you think!


  1. I'm a eurovision fan as well, I watch it every year.
    This year were one of the best, there were many good songs!
    My favourites were Norway and Armenia. I was suprised to see Austria winning, I think that there were some stronger songs than this one..

  2. I am a huge fan too. My country won once, in 2007 and it was amazing. I started watching it in 2003 and never missed a single year so far. There have been some fantastic songs through years, this year too, like Armenia, Russia, Sweden and Montenegro.. some others too. Not so impressed with this year's winner. Also, I am disappointed that my country decided to not participate.

  3. Common Linnets!! I feel so proud to be a Dutchie :)))

  4. i like french song :D mustache!

  5. and polish "my słowianie" ofc ;D

  6. Since I live in USA, it's great that you posted the two that you did. I had already heard the winner's song earlier this morning, and thought it was grand. Love the Common Linnets!!!!