Tuesday, 6 June 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U N E | Fendi Inspired Keychain

Super cute Hotbuy today with the Fendi Inspired Keychain! It's from It Girls and costs 14SD's. I think this is just awesome and I also think it'll be super popular with everyone because Fendi always seems to be a winner! I love the colours in this, the peachy fur is fab and it's making me want a lot of clothing in this colour, but I also love the green sprouting at the top. From the look of it, I think it seems pretty wearable and I think people will come up with a lot of different options for it =)
Pinks and greens sure seem popular with this piece, and they definitely work in a classic style - I just wish I'd had more than 5 minutes to come up with something! And remember to vote in the poll as always:

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