Thursday, 15 June 2017

S P E C T A C U L A R | Release Review

And another of our recent releases to ready us all for summer, some new sunglasses in Spectacular! I always find myself able to pick up at least one item in these Spectacular releases, so this is definitely a release to excite me. I also love the pinky-purple theme to the homepage advert, it's current and on trend and certainly gets a good nod from me =D
The offerings are very varied in mixed colours, styles and designs, I really think everyone will find something which suits them individually =) From bright the bright and vibrant citrus colours of the D&G Inspired Yellow Sunglasses, Green Lens Vizers and 70s Inspired Round Glasses to the more girly tones of the Fendi Inspired Oversized Square Sunglasses and Pearly Pink Sunglasses. And of course the Oversized Clear Cateye Sunglasses are a bit of a neutral in between in a trend that a lot of people like. The shapes are certainly variable, and I'm sure you guys will have tested out and know what works for you and what doesn't - for me my doll doesn't suit pairs where the it's just one lens across the two, like in the Green Lens Vizers or perfect circle sunglasses like the Round Neon Dots Sunglasses. In terms of trends I'm not such a fan of square frames, but the pairs in this release suit just fine. There's quite a lot of oversizing in this release, so if that trend isn't for you, you might struggle to pick something up in this release sadly!
Price The release ranges between 13 and 15SD's, which is on par with what we can expect to pay for sunglasses. And there's a pair in SC's, so that's a definite bonus^ None of the pairs are SS or Royalty limited either.
Features Just one quick fabulous feature today - natusia_182 wearing the Miu Miu Inspired Sunglasses. The styling is clearly made for these tortoise-shell frames with a fabulous leopard printed sweater playing off the tones of the sunglasses perfectly. I like the heavy use of black in the look, I think it highlights the lighter lenses and it definitely made my eye drawn to the overall styling =)
Styled Outfit I also purchased the Miu Miu Inspired Sunglasses but today I decided to work with the super versatile Oversized Clear Cateye Sunglasses which from afar really only look like lenses, but really play into the current popular trend of perspex pieces =D I really tried to take a few steps out of my comfort zone for this one and combined some edgier styles and prints together to see what could work ... I mean experimenting is totally a work in progress, but I like this outfit for these sunglasses!

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