Sunday, 25 June 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #159

Here is the next post in the challenge, a duo of stripes^ These are two striped Hotbuy pieces that we got quite some time ago, the Hotbuys Woven Shopper Tote from Bizou, and then the Hotbuys Striped Bag which has been released several times in differing stores so I think is an easy piece to find in the Bazaar! For the first piece, the Hotbuys Woven Shopper Tote I spent so long looking for the perfect striped piece to work with it and sadly nothing was quite right, I compromised with these casual trousers, they have one stripe down the side^ I think the pink is an easy fit for the tone of these two pieces and I do think the stripe on the belt and trousers highlights the patterning on the bag. And secondly the Hotbuys Striped Bag which is a piece I have worn quite a few times, so it's certainly not a neglected piece. I went pretty simple with the clothes, the plain black lets the white stripes really catch your eye. But love the silver shoes I picked for their stripe effect, and I even went all out and added some earrings - not much but I really like this look on my doll =D

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  1. this small striped bag is my fave :) love it xx