Monday, 26 June 2017

W I N D O W S O N T H E W O R L D | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Recently we got a new release of Windows On The World, this time themed on Dubai! I wasn't sure about doing a review and really umm'd and ahh'd about posting anything until I spotted this fantastic feature! Pandaribbon always pulls something out of the bag with new releases and this one is no exception - 4 stunning looks filled with inspiration =D There's something special about each styling and so much thought has gone into each look. I'm particularly drawn to the second look, featuring the Sartorial Monk Inspired Chevron Pants, who knew male trousers could look so awesome styled in this feminine way^ The shape of them is super cool, I just wish for a girls version now! And I love the third look, the Jeans Couture Inspired Cold Cuff Shirt worn with this rocker leather jacket but kept summery and casual with a light denim skirt and some loafers.
And so I decided I'd style a couple of items myself, not to the same extent as above, but I gave my purchases a fair shot =D Firstly the Lace Up Clear Plastic Heels, a style I can't seem to pass up these days. I love these for their delicate heel and sweet ankle strapping - so I had to show that off with some ankle baring trousers, and these grey ones are a great colour fit. Kept it super summery with my favourite off-shoulder top and picked out some yellow accessories, look at me going all out with a necklace^ Haha =) And then I also styled the Jeans Couture Inspired Cold Cuff Shirt and I definitely took a step out of my comfort zone with this golden mini skirt, but it really does style nicely to highlight the golden accents on the shirt. I kept up with the smarter feel of the shirt with the blazer, belt and shoes, but I could have gone much more wild^

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