Sunday, 11 June 2017

V E L V E T O R C H I D | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Recently we got a brand new Velvet Orchid release into the Plaza - it's been a little while since we had new pieces in this store^ Overall the pieces all fit together really well and I like the more minimal colour scheme that the pieces have, a lot of blacks and whites and neutrals that I think will be easy to put together. Right now, nothing stands out to me that I was really wanting to add to my collection, but the accessories are sure on point - so a Style Outfits post instead of a review for this one =) I saw a lot of great looks with this release, first up is Fashion__Victim wearing the Two Tone Playsuit and really showing off it's versatility as a top. It looks easy to pair with skirts and this one is a great fit with the style of the playsuit. The accessories are super glamorous and I think the design of the piece is really highlighted nicely =D
Next up is TasminS going for something a little more colourful while styling the Designer Inspired Plastic Skirt. This is such a great wear for the skirt, the green tones are super pretty and really emphasise the panelling on the skirt well. The belting around the body also really plays on  the style of the skirt too =)
And lastly a styling from JaneDoee83 wearing the Designer Inspired Transparent Plastic Coat. Alike above, the grey tones also make the panels stand out, but I really like that it's worn more as a dress in this styling. The transparency is continued in the Clear Straps Metallic Heels, and this style is also seen in the rather cool sunglasses^ Loving the use of the bright yellows and the bright red lips too =)
And then my stylings! So I mentioned loving the accessories, and those are what I've styled today - on the left the Clear Straps Metallic Heels, which although looking like several other pairs we've had in the Plaza, look great and are a great style of shoe to have to hand in your wardrobe. They're very versatile and so I stayed pretty minimal with this feminine white dress contrasted against the black leather of the jacket and bag, it's not complicated and it works, I like it =) Then on the right is the Ring Handle Clutch, again keeping super minimal. I love this style of bag with the ring handle, so this piece was immediately in my basket^ The spotted dress matches rather nicely, although for some it might be too much of the dots! To counteract that I chose some basic pieces to make the dress into a skirt and I think it works out nicely =)

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