Sunday, 4 June 2017

F E V E R | Release Review

Friday brought us a brand new Fever release to the Plaza to get us ready for summer - and it sure does just that! Fever is always pretty decent and judging from the amazing homepage ad, I think this one is set up to be a winner - the ad is eye catching and fun and shows off some great styles and colours, plus that blue is just lush =D
Highlights So we got two floors with this release, and the size and number of pieces is fairly similar to the previous releases of this store. I get such a lovely summer casual vibe from this whole release, it washes me with a relaxed feeling and really makes me feel like getting those last little preparations in for summer - and the Beach Interior is really calling to me to help make my suite ready =D There's also a male look in the store, which is nice but I can see space and style for another in here to give them a few more options^
Accessories I think there are just the right amount of accessories with this store - not too little and not too much, but also it's summer, you don't need to be laden down with a lot of extra stuff! There are 3 pairs of sandal-like shoes in a really good set of styles so I think everyone will find a pair that suits them^ There's the street-young-hipster-cool-style with the Valentino Inspired Rubber Slides, a style of shoe which has gone down well in the past so I think they will do well again. Then there's the Scalloped Espadrille Platform Sandals, a key summer style in good colours which will work with a lot of clothing pieces. And then the least-sandal-like, the Woven Platform Pumps which have a super chunky heel and are in actually a pretty nice colour - I'm kinda tempted! The store has two woven bags, the Straw Bag printed with C'est La Vie which has been popular in the last few years and I think will still go down well, and then the Rattan Shoulder Bag, which for like 5 minutes I was like 'Hmm no', and then something changed and I was like 'that needs styled right now!' (that styling is coming up tomorrow in a challenge post^) - the turquoise is really pretty and I like the delicate style of the weaves for summer. And then there's a couple of little extras, like the black Straw Sunhat and Aviator Style Sunglasses but my favourite are the Tassel Drop Earrings, the yellow is fabulous and the design is current and popular - the only negative is that you have to buy them individually!
Clothing So many bright pieces in the clothing of this store - it's awesome =D There is definitely a colour split between the two floors, with the first focused on yellow and the second on pinks - two of my favourite colours right now so I'm certainly kept happy by this release^ I'll start with the yellows and here there does seem to be a little more focus on beach/swimwear in this section especially with the Ruffle Bikini Top and Bottom and the Striped Cutout Swimsuit. I'll be leaving both for the moment, because from experience I know I rarely use any swimwear pieces so for me, it's not worth it even if the ruffles and yellow are calling me, it might be different for you guys! And then there are two dresses, the bold Anderson Inspired Midi Dress in block yellow with black lining which I really like, and the playful Pineapple Print Silk Dress which is perfect for summer and current trends with a cute skirting and a very nice print, I really like these two offerings^ This floor also has the Geometrical Print Coat which I like and think it looks a little like a Zebra print. The shape is one which has been popular in the past and is easy to style into looks. And then the second floor of pink-based pieces. The first thing which stands out to me is the Cutout Printed Midi Dress which is in beautiful red gingham, it's just awesome! Love the shape and fit of it, it's great for summer and think it's a perfect inclusion in the store. Also in the midi category is the Pucci Inspired Ruffled Skirt with it's paired top, the Choker Wrap Crop Top - love the colours of these, but the styles aren't really ones I'd go for, I definitely think the Skirt could be one of the trickier pieces of the release to style. Lastly there are some shorts, both with the Flower Print Playsuit and the Fishnet Insert Shorts themselves. The Playsuit is sweet and is in a great colour and print, it's different from others we've had in the past and it fits in well with current trends and likes. The fishnet insert into the Shorts is also popular and I think people will be pleased with this one, next I think people will be wanting jeans to match!
Prices The release costs between 8 and 26SD's with a few items for SS only. There are no SC items, which is maybe a little disappointing, however the SD range is on par with the release of Fever last year. My only complaint is that to wear the Tassel Drop Earrings as a pair, it's a 16SD cost, which certainly isn't too affordable for earrings!
Styled Outfits Just a couple of looks from me because the features that follow are so amazing I really can't live up to them! I styled both the Valentino Inspired Rubber Slides and then the Cutout Printed Midi Dress and I really like how they both came out! Firstly with the Valentino Inspired Rubber Slides I really made them the casual focal point of the look, choosing to go with dressier pieces for the clothing. The black and white stripes on the sandals make them easy to find clothes to match and the pink definitely leads to pink accents in the rest of the accessories^ And then the Cutout Printed Midi Dress which I just love and found quite a few pieces to work with it. In the end I went with this pink cardi to get the clash of the red and pink which I think works well here, then I paired it with a white top and heels - this dress is definitely easy to style as a skirt and I think it will be popular like that =D
Features And now those awesome features! Pandaribbon super impressed me yet again, plus these stylings were so speedy and have been put together so well =) They're all great, but I particularly like the second look with the male Tropical Print Shirt paired with the baby blue blazer, the accessorising on that styling is impeccable and here is a case where more is great!
Secondly is BeySashaFierce wearing the Cutout Printed Midi Dress in the first pairing I thought of for this dress! The white shirt is a classic and gives the print such a European vibe, it looks super dressy instead of casual like the initial style. I love the accessories, they only add to the classic style, and the use of trainers is pretty cool, these ones definitely fit in!
And finally Isabella8103 wearing the Pineapple Print Silk Dress in the most amazing pairing for it, like, ever! This is such a great way to wear both of the pieces complimenting both of their designs and the colours are a great fit^ Love the yellow accessorising with the Tassel Drop Earrings and a matching yellow bag - I'm super excited to see more from this dress =D

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