Wednesday, 14 June 2017

F A N S T A S Y H O T E L | Release Review

Last week brought us yet again more interiors to the Plaza, not that I'm complaining, with a new floor of Fantasy Hotel! I've never actually reviewed a release from this store before, but there's been some great additions with this floor and I'm looking forward this^
Highlights So there was just the one floor, as usual with this store but it is certainly packed with a lot of different pieces, and has such a great vibe about it! I love the Mediterranean feel to it and I think all of the pieces have been chosen really well for this release of the store^
Furniture There's just a couple of big pieces with this store, and a big focus on seating, which works out nicely for me as those are the pieces I use the most in my suite! They come in a range of colours and designs, although there's a refreshing retro feel to the style that works so nicely in this store. I like the use of side-turned items like the Minimalist Sofa and Velvet Chair which is in such a beautiful shade of pink, although I definitely have trouble making them look this good around a coffee table - the Design Coffee Table is quite exquisite, the black and white tile-effect pattern is eyecatching and I love the golden base, it should be a winner, if only I could do it justice in my suite! I do also like the dining chairs, the ocean blue Velvet Dining Chairs, I think they seem fairly easy to style into the sort of suite design that I like. And also in the furniture category is the Boho Bed, now I don't normally go for bed-pieces, but this one looks pretty good and rather pretty with the intricate headboard.
Decorations With this release there does seem to be a much bigger focus on the smaller more decorative items, which I totally fine by me. The first piece that jumps out to me is the vibrant Mexican Vinyl Rug which I just think looks amazing, it certainly deserves a spot in a room as a focal point, I'm excited to see what people choose to do with it =) Another piece that stands out in a different way is the Display Shelf which just looks so sleek and minimal and stylish, it completely belongs in the Minimalism store I think, and also my suite^ The design is simple and suited for a range of suites, and the items on display are pretty and well laid out, it just works completely well and gets a big thumbs up =D I like the table decor on offer, the Succulent Set in a bright blue bowl, and then the matching Set Of Books which would work in so many different places, so is a great piece to have. Then there's also the aztec-printed Bohemian Cushion, now that's a style I haven't seen in a while and I think it fits with this store overall theme so well. And also the awesome Pear Cactus ... you can't ignore a good plant, and I think this one will be popular.
Price This store ranges from 7 to 23SD's with most pieces at the lower end of the range and no pieces are limited to SS or Royalty which is great, all we're missing is something in SC's^
Styled Suite I'm yet to make use of this store completely yet, so I just incorporated a couple of pieces into one of my lesser-finished rooms and I found it easy to let the pieces fit in, the Velvet Dining Chair gives the perfect pop of colour to the design, although no doubt I'll be playing around with the set-up and additions in no time at all. It was also super easy to pick out other blue details to add to the room, so it's a great piece to have in your suite or storage for use =D

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