Friday, 9 December 2016

N E L L Y | Release Review

And now for part 2 of the recent Nelly release! Again, loving this header so much - it's great for the party season and for current styles and I love using the recent MSW winner, such a good idea^ And the colours, totally selling it for me, another winner of a Nelly release - lets get on into the store =D
Highlights This next floor of Nelly is very similar to the last in terms of the style and vibe, but I really get the casual emphasis with the pieces in this one. There's a really good range of choices too, with quite a few florals and street pieces on offer.
Accessories Again there's quite a small range of accessories with this floor and it still includes the Thin Black Bow Choker from the previous floor. For shoes we have 4 new choices, with my standout winner being the Pointy Stretchy Boots. The shape is perfect but also pretty much a duplicate of the It Girls Leather Sock Ankle Boots but in a pretty army green colour, which I really like and it definitely propelled me to purchase them immediately! Also on offer are heels, the Ghillie Court Shoes and Fringed Rose Gold Sandals, and a pair of slip-on Love Life Sneakers, although they're gold I'm not such a fan of their style or design. There is just one bag, the Nelly Faux Snake Bag which I'm not sure if I like yet. The colour is nice and the shape is certainly wearable, I'm just not sure the piece is for me.
Clothing Alike the last floor, there doesn't seem to be a huge focal point to the release. There are quite a few dresses on offer with more of a look to intricate patterned pieces with the Woodland Print Lattice Waist Dress, Heart Shirtdress, and Lace Mesh Bodycon Dress. The Woodland dress is what grabs my attention of the three, because I love the print, in fact I have the Topshop trousers in this print in RL, so I'm not passing up this opportunity to get the dress^ The shape is cool, I love the long sleeves and long length along with the slight slit on the skirting. But I do also like the minimal dress on offer, the Soft Polo Rib Dress which is a perfect piece for winter stylings and the colour makes it a perfect base piece. There are a couple of outerwear items with the release. The Cozy Long Vest is the most wintery piece of the three, I really like the style of this one - I know I own a lot of fuzzy black outerwear pieces but this one has great design and fit on the doll, plus the longer length makes it a little different. The other outerwear items, the Platoon Vest and Embroidered Duster Coat seem a lot more like spring pieces to me, but the latter definitely has something special about it and I look forward to giving the style a go =D And then the rest is a whole lot of tops and bottoms! There are two pairs of jeans, the Floral Embellished Jeans and Metallic Hayden Jeans but I really see them as spring/summer items so I'm saving them for that time. There are also the Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers which are all sorts of dreamy, love the fit, shape, style and colour, they definitely tick all the boxes in what I'm looking for in a good pair of trousers. Again there's a range of tops in the store with prints and more minimal pieces and different colours. I like the inclusion of an off shoulder piece, the Velvet Bardot Top, which is in a great bright blue jewel tone. 
Prices The range of prices is 11 to 27SD's, which again is on par with all of the previous releases. I think everything suits its price and that they aren't an offputting factor for the release =)
Styled Outfits I bought a whole lot of pieces from this release! First up is my styling with the Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers and Pointy Stretchy Boots with some matching clothing colours in the pale black-lined vest and the army green bomber jacket. I love this look a lot, I think the jacket length suits the waist-fit of the trousers really well, and actually I think this is my favourite of the three^ Secondly in the middle is the Ditsy Star Mix Shirt which I probably could have worn in a less hidden manner, but I loved the tones of it with beige, so of course I went all out on that front, but at least the body of the shirt stands out! Lastly the perfect dark winter style with the Soft Polo Rib Dress and the Cozy Long Vest. It seemed a perfect fit to go for thick tights and these boots. Also added a little accessory in the belt, which I think draws attention to the waist making it a slimming feature - this one is my second favourite outfit after the first on the left there^
Features Alike the last Nelly floor, so many great stylings with these pieces! First up is dm2udm2u wearing the Wide Leg Palazzo Trousers. I love them with the light pink tone, but those tan accessories are everything for the trousers, such a good fit and they really work together to showcase the piece =)
Next wearing the Woodland Print Lattice Waist Dress is MeLolitka. It's a simple styling but shows off the dress design and print perfectly. Love the leather boots, I think they work well with the dress slit. And I think the minimal black over shoulder bag is a great choice, adding accessory but not distracting from the main attraction of the look. Plus love the red lip^
Lastly is Mia1435 wearing the Floral Embroidered Mini Skirt in a creative and stylish way! It's definitely different to pair the black with navy, but it works out, especially the bright trimming. And the black of the skirt also goes very well with the brown of the boots and the bag, the keychain very much helps tie it all in together =)

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